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École d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence

The École supérieure d'art d'Aix-en-Provence is a higher arts education and research school in the south of France.

The web design is based on the school's new graphic charter designed by Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain. Their visual language highlights the lines that make up the name of the city AIX as well as a choice of colors inspired by the four seasons of the year.

For the website we decided to extend the chromatic range to 35 predefined shades. This precise color chart allows both a rigorous control of the visible colors, combined with the flexibility offered by their combinations to dress the pages of the site. The combinations ensure a levelled contrast between the text and the background color. The strokes of the letters X from the logo are used in the background to reinforce the visual identity. The shaded lines accompany the visitor during their navigation, and their color changes according to the latest events, as does the logo at the top of the page.

Coordinated by Sophie Kerlaux, communication officer and Christian Merlhiot, director of the establishment.

webdesign, integration, UI/UX



Babelsunce se présente comme un média collaboratif en ligne apériodique et multimédia de Belsunce, 13001, Marseille !  Un espace d’expression populaire à mi-chemin entre un journal citoyen de quartier, un théâtre numérique et une lettre d’information pratique.

Conception et réalisation de la plateforme web du média.

site web, média participatif, développement


Hempiness Music Festival

Hempiness Music Festival, was inaugurated in August 2019, in Norcia, Italy. We designed and realised its visual identity, its website and the website of the APS association for the 2020 edition. Unfortunately, this has been postponed due to the health crisis.


Tikka Radio

TIKKA is an independent webradio whose programming focuses on the alternative and experimental music scene in Marseille.

We designed and produced Tikka's website and logo.
The player of is synchronised via API with the open-source tool LibreTime, which allows to program TIKKA's shows and lives.

The logo and the website use fonts distributed by Velvetyne, a foundry known for its royalty-free and open-source typography.

webradio, webdesign & development


Belles Origines

Belles Origines is a project led by two craftsmen, guitar maker Florian Deneuville and electrician specialising in musical instruments and equipment, Guillaume Florin. Belles Origines designs custom-made guitars and other instruments from locally reclaimed wood full of history with an ethical and responsible approach.

We designed the visual identity and website for the brand and model of LaGrange guitar.

webdesign & development


Portes ouvertes ESAAIX

Multi-support communication and goodies for the 2018 open day of the École supérieure d'art d'Aix-en-Provence. The graphic elements and colours are inspired by the architecture of the building and are accompanied by a collection of quotations about art or art education.

We designed posters, animation, tarpaulins, cards, flyers, bookmarks and invitation cards.

visual identity, communication


By the way

We coordinated a workshop for students on the use of Risography and wild postering. To group the works we designed and printed a publication which assembles the posters the participants made during their time in the workshop.

In partnership with Rond-Point Projects, a place for the production and diffusion of artistic projects.

Workshop, graphic design, edition


Bureau des Guides

The 'Guide Bureau' (BDG) proposes and animates projects and activities around walking in peri-urban areas by associating artists, walkers and citizens. They also maintain the initiative of the GR2013, a 365 km metropolitan trail imagined and marked out on the occasion of MP13.

For the European Heritage Days, the BDG organized walks in the footsteps of Walter Benjamin in Marseille. Their space on the canebière was the starting point for the walks and the place for which we designed the scenography supporting information for walkers and a wider public.

We designed the scenography with custom-made furniture, covered the ground with gravel to give an impression of exteriority to the interior space, and covered the walls with printed infographics.

A collaboration with Christine Breton, historian, Jean Christofol, philosopher, the BDG team and the Cabanon Vertical.

mise en espace, scénographie, supports divers


Pang Pang Club

Pang Pang Club organises and animates workshops, game jams and exhibitions dedicated to the creation of independent video game creators. Animated by Leslie Astier and initiated by Robin Moretti.

We produced communication materials to announce the workshops and themes of the club for the duration of one year. [2019]



communication, visuelle, programme, affiche